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Natural Sustainably Sourced Sea Sponge - Large

Natural Sustainably Sourced Sea Sponge - Large

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Natural sponges are wonderfully soft, absorb a lot of water and re-emit it again after light pressure. Taking a bath with a natural sponge is a sensual and luxurious experience. The fibrous nature of the sponge is very similar to the silk. It is recorded that natural sponges were already used for body care in ancient Greece.

Size is approximately 14cm wide. Each one is unique.
Why use a natural sponge for washing?

Unlike a synthetic sponge that is made ​​of closed bubbles, the natural sponge consists of a channel system. Each pore is connected to another pore. Because of this channel system the sponge has the ability to clean itself by flushing the dirt out of all the pores at once. The usage of a natural sponge is therefore highly hygienic and recommended for both allergies as well as for sensitive skin types.


Natural sponges are sustainable care products made of a natural material that grows back very quickly. They thrive ecologically on underwater fields in the Mediterranean and are harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. The ecologically sustainable harvest of Mediterranean sponges is monitored by the Ministry of Fisheries and may only take place twice a year.

What is it?

The natural sponge (Hippospongia equina) is a simple form of life that can be found in all oceans, from the Caribbean Sea to the Arctic Ocean. Its function in the ocean is that it acts as a natural filter. It pumps water through its body to feed itself on plankton and other small food particles.

Sponge care After usage, the natural sponge should be rinsed with clear, lukewarm water. The natural sponge must not come into contact with boiling water, as it is a pure natural fibre. If the sponge is very dirty, it can be washed in a laundry bag in the wool program of the washing machine but without any washing powder.
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