the beginning

Why Lucy started

Hello, I'm Lucy and I started Coconut and Cotton in 2018. The motivation to start was when I saw plastic pollution first hand in the pacific and also being fed up with the lack of alternative products available. My friend came to visit me in Indonesia on my gap year and bought me my first shampoo bar and solid lotion bar. This was around June of 2018 and from that first experience of a plastic free alternative I began testing a wide range of products which then became the first items Coconut and Cotton sold in November 2018.

The journey so far

From storefront to online

The ethos of the shop was to minimise our impact as a business. The majority of out shelving and furniture was reclaimed. Most of the tables and the counter was made from old doors! We became a high street favourite for many during our 5 years in Shaftesbury, and handed over the reins to new owners in January 2024. This move meant that Lucy could focus more on product development.

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natural progression


From day one, the sourcing and transparency of our range was paramount. Now the business is online, Lucy is able to research, educate and develop on this area of the business meaning we can create products which are:

  • Plastic and cruelty free

  • Made in the UK or EU, and if further afield, accountable and justified

  • Fairly priced and fairly paid for