The side of sustainability we want to change:

  • Confusing terminology

    Language around products, especially with the word "eco", can lead shoppers to think something is more environmentally conscious when it is not

  • Vague information on sourcing

    Many sustainable alternatives hide a supply chain which makes and transports from the far east, focussing more on one benefit like "plastic free"

  • Lack of circularity

    The future needs products which come from nature and return to nature. We focus on plastic free, organic materials which will always be circular by design

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Make a positive change with products which have been carefully sourced by Lucy

A small, but perfectly formed range of products

We have made a conscious choice to reduce our range for several reasons and we no longer support any product lines which do not fit our strict criteria. To read more about this click the button for our blog post.

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Trusted reviews from our customers

  • Vicky, TrustPilot

    "Beautiful, thoughtful plastic-free products. Absolutely love the wonderful household items and gifts on their website. They’re always highest quality, delivered quickly and have wonderful personal touches."

  • Mrs Wilson, Google review

    "Amazing shop. Full of all sorts and it's plastic free and reasonably priced too. Will be coming back for sure. The lady who owns it is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Thank you. Highly recommend you give this place a visit."

  • Raphael, Google review

    "I have made a number of online purchases and it has been an excellent experience. I highly recommend them. The service is excellent and remember, you are supporting a local business that really deserves your support."

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