Farewell Shaftesbury, We Are Now Online Only

January 2024 was an emotional time for all of us at Coconut & Cotton as we decided to sell our retail store to make way for new adventures and projects.

Lucy Barfoot, our founder, had run the shop for 5 years with so many wonderful team members helping along the way. After a sourcing and supply chain research trip to Central America in 2023, she wanted to focus more on this area and having the shop was dividing her time too much.

Lucy on her supply chain trip in Guatemala

Lucy in Guatemala checking women run craft businesses

The popular Shaftesbury store is still very much alive and thriving with a new name and new owners. Many of the same products Lucy curated are still available, as well as our branded Coconut & Cotton items too. The new name is Forget-me-not Eco Shop, and they are all moved in and full of new ideas in our old Swans Yard premises.

The last summer with the shop, with Lucy and Immy outside

Lucy and Immy outside the former coconut and cotton store

The next stages for Coconut and Cotton are that we are setting up with a really wonderful fulfilment centre who are a family business who resonate with all the same sustainable credentials as we do. This change means that Lucy will be able to focus more on product development, public speaking and supply chain work which is what she really loves to do... and while that is all going on, our orders and warehousing will be managed by Alex and his team in Bristol. 

We are so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this ever changing journey, and look forward to bringing you more content and truly incredible, sustainable products. 

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