Our shop: Shaftesbury’s First plastic free store

Coconut and Cotton opened in December 2018 in Swans Yard in the heart of the historic saxon town of Shaftesbury. This is our HQ, where we process online orders and also provide a local resource for plastic free living. It is a peaceful yard off the high street with a gallery, cafe and plant shop. Our shop is accessible for all and we have a ramp at the door and the whole shop is pram and wheelchair friendly.

Where to find us

Swans Yard, Shaftesbury, SP7 8JQ


Opening hours

Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm. Please pre order if possible. We are seving people and operating click and collect at the door with a table and gazebo set up.

How to contact

Email hello@coconutandcotton.co.uk

Call 07577225211 * Phone line is currently monitored between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Message on Facebook or Instagram. Click on the icons below to find our pages

We do in store refills

Just bring your empty, clean container with the volume on the bottle and refill all your household essentials. Read more about how they work here. We also have a stamp reward scheme* for our refills, read how it works here. *Reward scheme is currently unavailable as we are only doing home deliveries at the moment.

Order Refills for local Delivery

Some of our in store refill products have been introduced as a temporary measure so people can have access to refills as the shop is closed until further notice. We are offering click and collect and local delivery. Click here to read more.

Household refills

We sell all the household, cleaning and laundry products you could need. From the basics like washing up liquid and white vinegar to delicate laundry liquid and floor cleaners.

SESI Refills
Spiced Ginger washing up liquid
Unfragranced washing up liquid
All purpose cleaner
Cream cleaner
White vinegar for cleaning
Glass cleaner
English Rose hand soap
Fig hand soap
Hardwater Rinse Aid
Non-Bio unscented laundry liquid
Biological laundry liquid
Delicate and Hand wash laundry liquid
Lotus and Sea Salt toilet cleaner
Ecoleaf Refills

Cotton scent non bio laundry liquid
Lily and riceflower fabric conditioner
Grapefruit twist hand soap
Citrus washing up liquid

Bio-D Refills
Sanitising fragrance free hand wash
Non Bio laundry liquid
Unscented fabric conditioner
Home & garden sanitiser
Toilet cleaner & descaler
Linseed floor cleaner concentrate
Dry Household Refills

Bicarbonate of soda for cleaning
Dishwasher salt
Soap nuts

Shower and bath refills

We have a variety of brands and scents in our shampoo, conditioners and body wash ranges to suit different skin types and budgets.

Faith in Nature Refills

Lavender & Geranium body wash
Grapefruit & Orange body wash
Coconut body wash
Coconut shampoo
Coconut conditioner
Aloe Vera shampoo
Aloe Vera conditioner
Tea Tree shampoo
Tea Tree conditioner

Suma Refills

Suma shampoos and conditioners are being discontinued. We have a new brand called Miniml who do a pink grapefruit and aloe vera shampoo and conditioner.

Rose and Geranium Shampoo
Grapefruit and Aloe Vera Shampoo
Grapefruit and Aloe Vera Conditioner
White Lavender Shampoo
White Lavender Conditioner
Fragrance Free Shampoo
Fragrance Free Conditioner

Green Goddess Refills

Mint Dishwasher Liquid
Lemongrass body wash
Lemon and Ginger hand lotion

Miniml Refills
Pink grapefruit and aloe vera shampoo
Pink grapefruit and aloe vera conditioner
Pink grapefruit and aloe vera body wash/bubble bath
Clementine liquid hand soap

Zero waste health and beauty

Many of our beauty products in store now have a refill option with the original container. We also stock specialist zero waste items such as toothpaste tablets.

Funky Soap Refills

Witch hazel face wash
Moringa face wash
Sweet moringa face and body moisturiser

Flawless Refills
Please note for these items the original container must be used
Hydrating rose toner
Aloe & Lavender micellar water
FACE. Refills

Please note that for these items the original containers must be used
Glow moisturiser
Green Tea moisture mask
Triple action serum

Additional Refills

Himalayan bath salts
Epsom bath salts
Denttabs Toothpaste tablets (fluoride, fluoride free)
Ecoliving Toothpaste tablets (fluoride, fluoride free)

Packaging Return Schemes

We aim to sell products with no packaging wherever possible.  For others, we are pleased to say that you can bring back your empty containers.  We collect them up and send them back to the manufacturers for them to be used again, and again, and again!  In store returns are preferred. You can also save up and post containers to us but please note if you choose to post, we cannot reimburse any costs incurred.

We currently accept the following items:

Fit Pit deodorant – all scents – both 25ml and 100ml

Flawless Beauty – including the toner, micellar water, insect repellent and oat cleanser

Heavenly Organics – all items including face oils and scrubs – both small and large sizes

FACE. Skincare – all items including moisturiser, mask and serum – both small and large sizes

Accessibility statement

We have made efforts to make our shop as accessible as possible. We have an access ramp which is suitable for prams and wheelchairs and our shop has been designed to allow access around every table and shelf. As you can see below we love dogs so guide dogs are of course more than welcome and we can hold off cuddling if needed (the dog that is!). If you have any specific requirements then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We also welcome any feedback on how we can improve our shop’s accessibility.

Dogs are very welcome

We love meeting your dogs and strongly encourage you to bring yours along! If you’re happy to, we will take a picture for our doggy highlight on instagram as people love seeing our furry visitors. We just ask that you keep them on a lead.

*How plastic free can a "Plastic free" store be?

We don’t want to be throwing around the words plastic free without being upfront about where you can find traces of plastic. So here are the quick facts on how plastic free we are:

Out of all our products we are 97.6% Plastic free

For each product we worked out the percentages of plastic (or plastic derived materials), then we divided each percentage by all of our products and added up the total. This total was 2.4% (or 2.38% to be really precise). This is mostly due to the sanitary wear and nappies which have to be lined with PUL in order to be leak proof.

Packaging we send:

We never send any plastic packaging out with our orders. We use paper, cardboard and paper tape (and sometimes left over wrapping paper from christmas!). It is always recyclable and most of the time re-used. You may also recieve corn starch nuggets which can be dissolved in water and are totally safe and home compostable as we sometimes re-use the ones we are sent.

Packaging we receive:

We do sometimes recieve bubble wrap from suppliers. In these cases we contact the supplier to see if they can change and in most of the cases they have. Any left over bubble wrap is donated to companies who can put it to good use.

Products that contain plastic of any kind:

Bamboo toothbrushes – our toothbrushes have nylon fibres (some with only 40% but it is still plastic based). We are always on the look out for a vegan and plastic free toothbrush but currently we haven’t been able to source one.

Loose tea packets have a bioplastic liner, it is certified compostable (7P0466 DIN EN 13432) so can be commercially composted and home composted in sophisticated set ups.

Reusable breast pads, reusable period pads, nappies and waterproof bags have PUL liners which is plastic based to act as a barrier for moisture. We stock these as they are reusable and replace using the single use alternatives.

Some bamboo fabrics are mixed with around 10% nylon for the fabric consistency. This includes the bamboo flannels, bamboo terry wipes and bamboo makeup rounds. This is normal for ‘bamboo fabrics’.

The keep leaf bags have a polyester liner to keep it waterproof. We stock this product as it is reusable and replaces single use plastic.

Cosmetic product tins and glass jars often have a plastic liner under the lid in order to create a seal when tightened. It is also a legal requirement for cosmetic product freshness and integrity by preventing contamination.

The straw cleaning brushes have nylon bristles.

Refill containers

Our in store refill products come in plastic containers. The alternative could be stainless steel (as this wouldn’t create any chemical reactions with the products). However, stainless steel would largely increase the weight, creating more carbon on transportation.

All of our 15L and 20L containers are sent back to the suppliers with the SESI ones being cleaned with a peddle powered bottle cleaner and re-filled. Currently all the other containers are recycled.

News and updates

Covid 19 Updates

Covid 19 Updates

Ordering online We are still sending out parcels every week for our online orders. Certain areas of the country may experience longer delays with the Royal Mail of up to 10 working days. In most cases parcels are arriving within 5 working days. However, there are no...

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Loyalty Scheme Launch

Loyalty Scheme Launch

Love local, love loyalty, hate waste! We really value having regular customers and as a small business, it means a lot that you choose to shop with us!  Recently, we’ve been looking for a way to say ‘thank you’ to all those who have supported us so far, and also to...

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Ready, Steady, Refill!

Ready, Steady, Refill!

If you’ve visited our little shop recently, you will no doubt have noticed our ever expanding range of refills! Our current selection includes toiletries such as face and body washes, hair care and moisturisers, and many items for household cleaning and laundry. We...

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