XL Fairtrade Fabric Personal Face Mask with nose wire

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WASH BEFORE USE. This has been packed safely but it is strongly recommended you wash the mask before use. Tissue insert should be replaced every 4 hours to stay sanitary. Mask should be washed after use to stay sanitary (for example - daily if worn all day everyday). Features of this mask are:

  • Two layers of 100% cotton handwoven fabric.
  • Pocket where layers of tissue are placed
  • Wire across the top that forms the user's nose
  • Elastic around ears holds mask in place (this can be extended with a button headband or additional ties to secure around the head).
  • This mask is for personal protection of individuals.

Standards: AZO free, PCP tested, non-toxis fabrics. Dyes and chemicals REACH and BLUESIGN certified. Heavy metal free. Industrial grade elastic. This is based on the HK mask design, a laboratory tested system using fabric masks and filters coupled with proper washing and sanitation. It is a reusable cloth mask with a disposable middle layer with filtration efficiency close to that of an N70 mask.

Size: 25cm x 19cm. Extra Large. Standard size available here.

Guaranteed Fairtrade under World Fairtrade organisation. Handmade in Sri Lanka.


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