Whole vegan loofah sponge

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Loofahs vary in length from approximately 55cm - 65cm. This is a very cost effective if you tend to buy loofah sponges or soap pads as you can slice this one up (bread knife works best!). The loofah will arrive in a flattened format, it can then be re-hydrated by running water over it in a sink or bath where it will expand to it's original size. Make sure you allow it to dry fully after expanding. A loofah is a type of subtropical cucumber, this is the husk of a dried loofah which can be used as a sponge and is fully home compostable at the end of it's life.

This is a plant and 100% vegan (sometimes confused with a sea cucumber which is a living sea creature). You can also buy sliced loofah here.

Grown in Eqypt.