Soap nut starter kit

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A natural, chemical free detergent for your washing machine. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. Excellent for cool, easy care washes as well as hot cotton and linen washes. The soap nuts in this kit should last for approximately 30 washes.

Washing instructions: Fill the small cotton drawstring pouch with 4 - 6 soap nut half shells, tie the bag and place in the drum of your washing machine. At the end of the wash, dry the soap nuts and bag for use in the next load. You can get 3 - 4 washes from each batch. After their final use they can be composted.

Starter pack includes: Soap nuts (roughly 50 half shells), cotton pouch, instructions, large drawstring bag.

Plastic free • SLS free • Paraben free • Palm oil free • Cruelty free • Vegan • Fragrance free MADE IN ENGLAND