Tough Lightweight Drink Bottle Canteen 800ml

One Green Bottle

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The perfect bottle for someone who needs to drink more water but doesn't want to carry around something too bulky. The easy sip cap with a straw means staying hydrated is easier than ever as it's a flip of the lid and sip straight away!

There is a silicone straw inside which allows for easy sipping. This can be removed easily for cleaning, or if you'd rather tip and suck to drink out of your bottle.

It has a 800ml capacity.

It is single walled so while it wont fully insulate your drink it means it's super lightweight.

Height 280mm Diameter 70mm weight 175g

Free from BPA and BPS, 304 high quality stainless steel.

Made in Shanghai, China. Transported by sea freight to save carbon vs flying. Currently suppliers for EU made bottles are still in development.