To Rimfinity Toilet Cleaner BioPod Refill


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Toilet bowl and under rim cleaner. Conventional toilet cleaning gels do not break down Uric acid, but this formula breaks it down into ammonia and carbon which then simply evaporate without using any harmful chemicals.


  • Add the BioPod to a clean 750ml squirt or toilet cleaner bottle, fill with warm (not hot) water and shake to dissolve.
  • Leave for 2 HOURS before brushing and scrubbing to allow the enzymes to work (or overnight)
  • One the BioPod is dissolved it remains effective for 3 months. 

Pack contains a pre-printed MACK information sticker to label a repurposed trigger bottle.


  • Vegan and PETA Animal testing free certified
  • Made in the UK
  • Plastic free packaging even the label
  • Supporting the Sea Shepherd Charity
  • Coconut based natural surfactants

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Carbonate >50%; Citric Acid <20%; methyl hydroxypropyl cellulose <2%; Precipitated Silica <1%; Fragrance <1%; Dye <1%

Made in the UK. Vegan. PETA Animal testing free.