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What Is A Laundry Detergent Sheet?

Laundry sheets are a convenient, eco-friendly, and effective addition to your cleaning routine and are a minimal waste alternative to conventional liquid laundry detergents on the market. They dissolve in water and perform just like a conventional laundry liquid would without the palm oil and plastic!

Whether you're traveling abroad or overnight camping, it has never been easier to be able to bring laundry detergent with you. Since it contains no liquid, you will not have any problems crossing security checks.

Directions: Simply pop one or two sheets in with your washing, 

Front Loader: Add 1 or 2 sheets in your drum place all your clothes inside the washing machine and start the machine. (One sheet for around 5kg)

Hand Wash: Tear half a sheet and swirl it in a bucket of water until it dissolves. Hand wash your clothes as usual.

Place your clothes into your washing machine and simply add the detergent sheet(s) on top of your clothes.

1 sheet = 1 load

2 sheets = more cleaning powder

3 sheets = heavy loads like bedding and towels

One regular load is approximately 5KG of lightly soiled laundry, or the equivalent of one cup of liquid detergent or one pod - without the mess.

What Are The Ingredients?

Water,  Naturally Derived Surfactants From Coconut Oil, Polyvinyl Alcohol

What is polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)?

PVA is a biodegradable polymer used as our proprietary binding agent, creating a detergent, neither liquid nor solid, that evenly dissolves in the wash. It is created from plants and is all natural. It is nontoxic and safe for humans, animals, and marine life. PVA dissolves into a non-harmful monomer and does not shred micro plastics.

These sheets are palm oil free and never been tested on animals. Life span typically 5 years on a pack.

Made in The Netherlands