Organii Plasters Organic Cotton Patches


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Made with GOTS certified organic cotton these patches are designed to be gentle to skin while helping to protect cuts, grazes, lumps and bumps – providing long lasting care while allowing the skin to breathe, unlike plastic ones.

Because Organii do not irradiate our patches, nor do they test on animals, under current EU regulations they cannot call them plasters. So, they call them patches. 

Dermatologically tested - 100% certified organic cotton backing - 100% certified organic cotton pad - Free from chemical bleaching - No pesticides - No herbicides - No fungicides - No added aromas - No plastic.

Medium Patches (20) are 7 x 2 cm.

Assorted Patches (45) come in a range of 7 x 2 cm (20), 6 x 2 cm (20) and 10 x 6 cm (5).

What is the adhesive?  The adhesive used in ORGANii Patches is acResin® A 250 UV

What is the wrapping around the patch made from? The patch envelope is made of neutral paper (unprinted kraft paper 35) with a natural rubber based cold-sealing system. The protective paper covering the patches adhesive and cotton pad is made from Glassine; 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Patch made with 78% organic cotton and 22% adhesive.