Organic Soap nuts per kg


Organic soap nuts which can be used for laundry, cleaning products and body care. Sold per kilogram in brown paper. Organic certified by USDA, India Organic and EcoCert.

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Common in Asia, soap nuts are growing in popularity in the Western world as people look for more natural and less wasteful cleaning solutions. Soap nuts are a gentle, effective and incredibly versatile option which can be used for laundry, household cleaning and even body care.

A natural, chemical free detergent for your washing machine. Suitable for people with sensitive skin. Excellent for cool, easy care washes as well as hot cotton and linen washes.

One of the best things about soap nuts is that they are so easy to use!  For standard washing machines, simply place about six half shells (three whole ‘nuts’ broken in two) into a small bag, tie it closed, place it into the drum of the machine and wash as usual. (buy the small bags here)

You can also buy a soap nut starter kit here for £6.50 which comes with a storage bag, a laundry pouch, about 50 nuts and some instructions.

Organic certified by USDA, India Organic and EcoCert.

Plastic free • SLS free • Paraben free • Palm oil free • Cruelty free • Vegan • Fragrance free

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