Laundry Strips Blue Earth Clean - Unscented Hyopallergenic

Blue Earth Clean

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A dissolvable laundry sheet which works the same as a liquid or powder but lightweight and plastic free!

The unscented laundry strips have no fragrance or enzymes that irritate sensitive skin, just great cleaning power for an Eco-friendly wash that is zero waste. They work best at 30 - 50 degrees. The berry scented option can be used from 20 degrees.

  • Each pre-measured 3g sheet washes 5kg of laundry.
  • All packaging is made from sustainable sources, 100% plastic free and recyclable.
  • Dissolves instantly in water. Lightweight and space saving. Preservative and phosphate-free.
  • Never tested on animals.
  • Vegan

Directions: Place one strip directly in the laundry drum before adding clothes on top.

Pack sizes available:

Envelope pack - 24 strips

Large bag - 55 strips


Made in Hungary. We are aware that some raw materials are coming from China, however Blue Earth Clean are developing a European manufacturing location.