Hydrophil Bamboo Dental Floss Sticks


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These dental floss sticks are a great way to reduce the amount of hard to recycle, single use plastic in the bathroom!


They are a good option for those who find floss too fiddly or need a stick to reach the teeth further back.

Carefully glide the floss through your interdental spaces with gentle cleaning movements, the aim is to gently rub up the edge of the tooth and remove plaque between the gums and teeth.

Dispose of the floss in the residual waste. You can also separate the floss from the bamboo handle with a simple cut and dispose of the handle separately in the organic waste. At this time we haven't found a plastic free floss option for this product but we are working on it!

Handle: Bamboo

Dental floss: Nylon

Made in China by Hydrophil, a carbon and water neutral company.


20 Pieces / Packaging