Handmade Glass drinking straws

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Strong, smooth and sustainable glass straws which are handmade in England.

Durable & practical: Made from durable glass more commonly used in tough, industrial applications. More resistant to temperature, chemicals and abrasion than most glass; they are not fragile, requiring no special handling and only the same care in use that one would apply to any domestic glassware. 

A luxury handmade item: Luxurious, with quality feel & aesthetic: with rounded, flame polished smooth ends. No taste transfer or funny texture which means you can fully enjoy the flavour of your drink.

They come in 4 different sizes:

Gin Straws: 8mm x 150mm Gin aficionados love our Craft Gin straws because of their specific design, weighted and balanced to suit Gin bowl glasses. Because of their neutral flavour they are favoured for enjoying the subtle and diverse flavours of craft Gin. 

Martini size: 8mm x 120mm A shortened straw suited perfectly to serving in a martini glass.

Soda/Tumbler size: 8mm x 200mm Perfect for hiball glasses and flat, fizzy or alcoholic drinks

Smoothie wider size: 10mm x 200mm. The same height as the tumbler size but 2mm wider so you can have thicker smoothies. 

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean with a straw brush as they are transparent.