Angled Ergonomic Bamboo Interdental Brushes

The White Teeth Box

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These interdental brushes have a longer handle and angled head meaning they're perfect for reaching in and behind your back teeth and improving dental health and hygeine. 

End of life disposal: Please be aware that bristles are still BPA-free nylon so these must be removed, along with the minute piece of metal - its best just to snap the head off before putting the handle in your compost bin.

Available in size:

S - 0.6mm - (Small Gaps Between Teeth)

SS - 0.8mm - (Normal Gaps Between Teeth) 

5 brushes per pack

They can be reused - just wash bristles under the tap as you would your normal toothbrush. 

Made in China. Why? Currently there is no European manufacturer making these, the plastic alternatives are also coming from China. So, it's not perfect but it's the most sustainable option we can find.