Plastic free*. Affordable. Sustainable.

A plastic free, waste reducing store for the earth conscious consumer. Providing affordable alternatives to everyday essentials. Shop with complete peace of mind that all parcels are sent completely plastic free with recycled and FSC certified packaging. We also have a store in Dorset where we offer household refills in addition to our plastic free products.

the story

I’m Lucy, the founder of Coconut & Cotton. After traveling and seeing the impact that plastic has on the earth I started to make the personal changes to my purchasing habits. This company is all about providing people with affordable options to start living more sustainably.

Starting on a plastic free way of life is difficult, especially when you have a backlog of plastic products to use up. Don’t waste what you already own, and try to reuse, donate or recycle the plastic that is holding you back. Make the changes as it suits you and start to support the brands who are committed to reducing waste. Keep an eye on the blog for tips on plastic free living.

Our Shaftesbury Shop

Our HQ is a physical shop in Shaftesbury, Dorset, where we also sell household and body cleaning refills. Our most recent additions to the refill wall are white cleaning vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Shaftesbury is a beautiful saxon hill town and we love being in the countryside. It is home to Gold Hill and very close to the famous stone henge. We open Monday to Saturday, as well as one Sunday a month when the town has a market. For more information on the refills we have in store click on the button below.

*How plastic free can a "Plastic free" store be?

We don’t want to be throwing around the words plastic free without being upfront about where you can find traces of plastic. So here are the quick facts on how plastic free we are:

Out of all our products we are 99.9% Plastic free

For each product we worked out the percentages of plastic (or plastic derived materials), then we divided each percentage by all of our products and added up the total. This total was 0.1% (0.096% to be really precise).

Packaging we send:

We never send any plastic packaging out with our orders. We use paper, cardboard and paper tape (and sometimes left over wrapping paper from christmas!). It is always recyclable and most of the time re-used.

Packaging we recieve:

We do sometimes recieve bubble wrap from suppliers. In these cases we contact the supplier to see if they can change and in most of the cases they have. Any left over bubble wrap is donated to companies who can put it to good use.

Products that contain plastic of any kind:

Bamboo toothbrushes – our toothbrushes have nylon fibres (some with only 40% but it is still plastic based) apart from the wooden ones which have sterilised boar bristle. We are always on the look out for a vegan and plastic free toothbrush but currently we haven’t been able to source one.

Loose tea packets have a bioplastic liner, it is certified compostable (7P0466 DIN EN 13432) so can be commercially composted and home composted in sophisticated set ups.

The Tsuno bamboo period pads have a biodegradable plastic wrapper.

The biodegradable nappy sacks are a form of bioplastic which takes 2 – 5 years to break down leaving no residue.

The patch plaster have a single plastic film over each plaster for hygiene. We have not received a response for what type of plastic this is but will update this as soon as we know. The plasters themselves are fully biodegradable.

Reusable breast pads and reusable period pads have PUL liners which is plastic based to act as a barrier for moisture.

Some bamboo fabrics are mixed with around 10% nylon for the fabric consistency. This includes the bamboo flannels, bamboo terry wipes and bamboo makeup rounds. This is normal for ‘bamboo fabrics’.

The keep leaf bags have a polyster liner. We stock this product as it is reusable and replaces single use plastic.

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