Ordering online

We are still sending out parcels every week for our online orders. Certain areas of the country may experience longer delays with the Royal Mail of up to 10 working days. In most cases parcels are arriving within 5 working days. However, there are no guarantees of exactly when your parcel will arrive. If you need an order urgently then get in touch and we can arrange a courier service.

Our Shaftesbury Store

You can come and shop with us but we are still encouraging ‘Click and Collect’ so if you place an order online, or via phone or email, you can collect it from the shop usually within a few hours. The internal shop is not open for browsing but we have a gazebo and table outside our door and can grab products for you.

The plan for reopening

We don’t envision opening the internal shop over the summer months as we are able to serve people at the door under a gazebo. Our shop is quite small and we feel safer keeping the internal shop closed for browsing until further notice. We’ve made all our windows outward facing so you can browse our products, as well as looking at what we have available online.

Refills and customer bottles

Please make sure you thoroughly clean any bottles you bring for refilling. We are also providing bottles which we have sterilised so you are welcome to use these and then decant into your own containers at home.

We will still be able to keep a ciruclar system in place as you can decant from our bottles and then return them to be sterilised again. It will also save time as people can pick up various sized containers and pay rather than having to wait around for a refill.

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