Love local, love loyalty, hate waste!

We really value having regular customers and as a small business, it means a lot that you choose to shop with us!  Recently, we’ve been looking for a way to say ‘thank you’ to all those who have supported us so far, and also to encourage new people to come in and see what we have to offer.

Things we love…

  1. Having the shop doors open in the sunshine
  2. Customers saying how much they like what we do
  3. Launching new products and ideas
  4. Being part of our local community
  5. All things coconut related

Things we hate / definitely don’t love…

1. Waste

We’re committed to being as low waste a business as possible, and this includes taking action behind the scenes as well as on the shop floor.  Whether you purchase in-store or online, you will notice that we offer items in low or no packaging wherever possible, and we can all be proud that every refill dispensed is one less bottle which is created and one less that goes to waste.

We think it’s important to do more of what you love, and if you can find a way of combining what’s on your list, then you are onto a winner.  So with these aspects in mind, we are very excited to announce that Coconut & Cotton is now part of the Zero Waste Collective! Hurrah!

What’s the Zero Waste Collective?

The Zero Waste Collective is an app which offers customers a way to collect points or stamps at eco-minded business across the UK, which can then be redeemed for perks such as freebies or money off future purchases.  For the company, it is a way to connect with others and promote their message, and for shoppers it is a way to discover new retailers and be rewarded for supporting local, environmentally friendly enterprises.

We’ve chosen to focus our offering on the increasingly popular refill station, which has been gaining quite a following with people popping in for all sorts of toiletries and cleaning products.  The rose and geranium shampoo seems to be a particular favourite! If you’re not familiar with the refill concept then you can read about it here.  And if you’re curious and want to give it a try, then now is the perfect time!

How does the scheme work?

It’s simple!  We will give you a point for every £10 you spend on refill items, and you can collect more than one point per transaction i.e. if you spend £20 on refills then you earn two points.  Once you have collected three points, you become eligible for your first reward, right up to the top tier of ten points giving you £10 off a refill purchase. Save bottles, and save money.  It’s a win-win! And as a special starting bonus, we will give a point for a refill purchase of £5 or over the first time you use the app with us, rather than the usual £10 limit!

To take part in the scheme, just follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the ‘Zero Waste Collective’ app and download it onto your device
  2. Register with simple details such as your name and email address
  3. Bring your bottles and choose your refills
  4. Use your phone / tablet to scan the QR code we will provide when you pay
  5. Watch your points build up until you reach your chosen level
  6. Enjoy your reward!

 Get 1 point per £10 spend on in store refills

The nitty gritty

We like things to be as clear as possible, so please be aware that points can only be collected on refills, not on other products (including tins and bottles for the refills to be dispensed into).  The initial qualifying limit of £5 is valid for one point only, and then the usual £10 threshold applies thereafter e.g. a £15 initial refill purchase would earn two points. The minimum qualifying spend needs to be in one transaction, rather than lower value purchases spread over more than one visit.  The rewards aren’t exchangeable and the money off applies to refill purchases only rather than store-wide. Points can’t be collected in the same transaction as redeeming a reward. Lastly, please note that redeeming a reward resets your account, so you start collecting again. We hope it is a straightforward process, but if you have questions about any aspect, then please ask!

We’re looking forward to being part of the Zero Waste Collective movement, and we hope you are too.  Keep an eye on our facebook page and check the app for any special bonuses or offers available on top of the usual baseline scheme.  Let us know what you think, and happy collecting!