What you will need:

A dog in need of a wash

Meet today’s model, Dotty the Dalmatian.

a dog shampoo bar

100% natural, find one here

warm water

Not too hot, not too cold

Depending on the size of your dog you may find it easier to apply the soap bar directly. However, you can also form a lather in your hand and apply. On Dotty I applied the bar directly as there is a lot of coat to cover.

Once you’ve applied the soap in one area, massage it in and get right to the skin as this soap is great for skin health and reduces the risk of fleas and insects joining in due to the neem oil.

Please take care on the face and avoid going near the eyes, I only wash dogs up to the neck to avoid the risk of any ingestion or eye stinging.

Then rinse the soap off, using your hand to scrape the soap suds off and ‘ruffling’ the hair so it all comes out. You want to make sure you haven’t left any residue behind as they may lick it later.

Once you’ve finished you may find the bar got a bit hairy. This washes off easily under a warm tap once you’ve finished. This soap is also a safe and effective option for washing collars, just apply the bar to the collar, lather and rinse.

After you’re done, I like to dry off the dog a bit so they can stay inside. There’s nothing worse than a fresh roll in mud after you’ve washed them!

For the bar, make sure this is kept in a dry place, on a dish or similar so that is doesn’t go soft and lose it’s shape.

Et Voila, a happy healthy and clean doggy